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Quickies and Quickies Too | Collections of short stories by Award winning professional photographer Don P. Marquess

Don't You Just Love Quickies

Quickies & Quickies Too

The European Series is a collection of photos that capture the spirit and essence of old Europe.

European Series

Harlequin In Venice


Upcoming Event

Don will be exhibiting his award winning photographs this summer starting May 22, 2024.
The exhibit will run for 4 months at the prestigious Kirkwood Performing Arts Center.

Opening Reception
May 22, 2024 | 4pm - 7pm
Kirkwood Performing Arts Center
210 East Monroe Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63122

Welcome to the Marquess Gallery

For over 20 years, Don P. Marques' vivid award-winning images have been recognized for their outstanding clarity and vibrant interplay of form, texture, and color. Marquess gallery, which features Cibachrome prints, is now giving buyers of fine photography the opportunity to also collect exquisite works of art featuring brilliant color in striking new posters and note cards. In addition Don is the winner of "Best Short Stories 2022" for his first book "Quickies", a witty collection of short stories. And his new book "Quickies Too" is packed with incredible and hilarious moments guaranteed to entertain!

Don Marquess | Award Winning Author

What people are saying about "Quickies" & "Quickies Too"

"When the ordinary isn't. Just walking through a hotel lobby and passing Henry Mancini, or sitting at a table directly next to Burt Reynolds, or telling stories from Jack Buck (Hall of Fame broadcaster), or the piccolo player from the St. Louis Symphony, Don Marquess captures in a few pages terrific, funny, human and humane stories from his first 80 years.
No villains, no politics, just true life experiences that provide us a smile and life philosophies. A delight to read and enjoy."

David I. Berland, MD
Noted Child Psychiatrist

"I LOVE IT! It is funny and truly captures my father, Jack Buck. It is so sweet. It brought him back for me for the day. Love that."

Joe Buck
Lead pLay-by-play announcer ESPN

"These short (very short) stories by Don P. Marquess, I would term "Thurberesque" being very reminiscent of James Thurber. I have used Don's photos on the covers of 5 of my books, now he is entering into competition with me. He writes just as he speaks, and his writings are all true. Each one caused a big fat grin from me, and a few of them a giant belly laugh."

Rich Wolfe
Writer of 50+ sports related books

Witty and endearing, Quickies Too is a rollicking, eclectic compilation of
reminiscences by acclaimed photographer and accomplished brick peddler, Don P. Marquess, that you won't want to miss.

Bob Belden
CEO The Belden Brick Co.

"Don Marquess has a special and very unique eye for seeing humor in everyday life situations. His sense of irony and timing is fully realized with his true life twists and pranks that result in very interesting stories. Don's memory in these comedic anecdotes is flawless."

Jan Gippo
Master Piccoloist and writer for "Flute Talk"

"Don Marquess is a modern day Damon Runyon who observes the world around him through the prism of an acerbic wit and a natural story teller's take on the human condition. And remember, one quickie leaves you wanting another."

Drew Karandjeff

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