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What is a cibachrome print?
A cibachrome print is an archival photographic process printed directly from the original transparency resulting in an astounding color print that will last for 200 plus years.

What format do the images come in?
Posters, greeting cards, and cibachrome prints.

What size are the posters?
Most posters are 18" X 24".

What are note cards?
4" X 6" images of cibachrome prints where you write your own messages.

How many note cards are in each pack?
Six for $12.50 or eight for $15.00.

How do you ship the images?
UPS Air or UPS Ground.

Do you frame and what type of framing is available?
Yes, Call 1-877-997-7773 for details.

How much is framing?
Posters 18" X 24" frame only $125.00, framed and matted $150.00, call for cibachrome prints (price includes poster).

Where can I buy the images?
Online or toll free @ 1-877-997-7773 or in person @ 1820 Market Street, Union Station, St. Louis, MO 63103.

When will I receive my order?
Approximately one week after order in placed. However, it item is not in stock or custom framing in involved, it may take longer.

What is the return policy?
Exchange only with receipt. Cibachrome or custom framed art not returnable unless proof of damage due to delivery.

Can I get a non-framed poster?
Yes, posters are priced from $30.00 unframed.

What is matted framing?
Thin board that is placed around the poster or cibachrome print to help it fit into your personal decor. Matting comes in most colors. Call 1-877-997-7773 for more details.

Do all posters have to be matted?
No, you can frame your poster with no matt however cibachrome prints need acid free matting to protect the image.

Do you have matting and framing options?
Yes, we customize to your specifications or we can offer suggestions.

How can I pay when ordering online?
Orders online are credit card only.

Do you have brochures that show the prints?
Yes, 1-877-997-7773 call for a free brochure.

How can I get other questions answered?
Call toll free 1-877-997-7773 Monday through Saturday 10 A.M. - 9 P.M. CST, Sunday 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. Call for holiday schedule.

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